FUNKSHION: Fashion Week Miami Beach happened in Wynwood

Funkshion: Fashion Week Miami Beach presented the fall/winter shows last week at a tent installed in Wynwood.

From Wednesday through Saturday, Designers, fashionistas and bloggers gathered at the trendy spot for cocktail hours and to see runway shows presented by the Miami International University of Art and Design, Etnos, Style Mafia,  Alessandra Gold, The Phoenix House and Hamel.

Though the shows presented designs for cooler seasons of the year, Style Mafia’s collection still kept it very Miami in an array of bell-bottoms and off-the-shoulder blouses embellished with boleros and wide sleeves. The collection was mostly black and white, with certain outfits including denim, shades of blue and yellow.
3.17.2016_Kruzin_FunkshionFW_Wellington_GuzmanDSC_0264 3.17.2016_Kruzin_FunkshionFW_Wellington_GuzmanDSC_0299 3.17.2016_Kruzin_FunkshionFW_Wellington_GuzmanDSC_0386 3.17.2016_Kruzin_FunkshionFW_Wellington_GuzmanDSC_0270 3.17.2016_Kruzin_FunkshionFW_Wellington_GuzmanDSC_0404On Friday it was all about the movie, Everybody Wants Some.

A red carpet event awaited for actors Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Guzman, Will Brittain and Miami native Blake Jenner, to arrive and talk about their upcoming movie and their visit to Miami.

“I’ve seen my family a couple of times since I’ve been here,” said Jenner, who also showed the guys around his hometown during their stay. “I get some work done with these guys and then get to go home and hang with my mom and dad and have some home-cooked Cuban food.”

The models strutted down the runway that evening in outfits – styled by Calyann Barnett – inspired by the movie, that will be coming out in theaters on April 8.

On Saturday, designer Melina Harris, closed the event by presenting her collection of tight, bandage-style dresses, in every bright color imaginable, from yellows and oranges to purples and blues. She admitted to loving color and to designing dresses because they are easy to carry around for a woman with her travelling lifestyle.

“I always like fringes and see-through fabrics, and I always love the details on a simple dress, so it is difficult for me to make 40 pieces of simple dresses,” said Harris, who lives in Serbia, has worked with Sharron Stone, Sofia Vergara and Kate Beckinsale – within others A-listers – and therefore she now travels often between Serbia and Los Angeles. “Each dress needs to have something happening on it, so I did try that and I’m sure that every dress will find a person in the audience that will love exactly that dress.”

3.20.2016_FunkshionFW_Wellington_GuzmanDSC_0125 2 3.20.2016_FunkshionFW_Wellington_GuzmanDSC_0178 3.20.2016_FunkshionFW_Wellington_Guzman122_3828 3.20.2016_FunkshionFW_Wellington_Guzman122_3859 2 3.20.2016_FunkshionFW_Wellington_Guzman122_3927Photos by: Wellington Guzman
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